The sheet formats allow us to combine designs and print them as one. Also, you can duplicate one project multiple times to have it in more quantities and therefore in better price.

You can create your own custom group of designs by selecting the most suitable sheet size. Please keep in mind the printing area.
If you find that difficult, we can make it instead of you. Of course for free.

Available sheet sizes:

Sheet size : 50x35cm (19.68×13.78 in)
Printing area : 47x32cm (18.5×12.6 in)

Sheet size : 70x33cm (27.55×12.99 in)
Printing area : 67x30cm (26.38×11.81 in)

Sheet size : 60x40cm (23.62×15.74 in)
Printing area : 57x37cm (22.44×14.56 in)

Sheet size : 70x50cm (27.55×19.68 in)
Printing area : 67x47cm (26.38×18.5 in)