Elastic Transfer

The sportswear transfer


•    Highly stretchable with good opacity
•    Suitable for sports suits, underwear, swimwear
•    Great solution for tagless washing labels
•    Thin details printing
•    Cold peel transfer
•    Pantone Matching System® (PMS) for solid colors
•    Could be combined with other options – anti-bleeding, low-temperature pressing etc.
•    Standard washing at 40°C

Great to use on Spandex, Lycra, Polyester, and others
**We always recommend contacting us  to discuss your project and choose the best option for you

  • spot_colors

    Solid/Spot Colors Available

    Use the Pantone system to get the same colors of the logo

  • Thin Screen Details

    Thin Details/Raster Printing

    Screen print the thin details of your project

  • Sport Apparel

    Great for Sports Apparel

    Decorate your sportswear items easily

  • Tagless Transfer Label

    Great for tag-less label

    The best alternative of the classic sewed label


  • Temperature

    170ºC – 180ºC
    (338ºF – 356ºF)

  • Time

    10 seconds

  • Pressure

    3-4 bar

  • Cold Peel

    Peel out after

Keep in mind that some heat press machines might need additional testing and setting up!